The Icematic® NXG series is designed for today’s transitional refrigerant gases. These lubricant solutions are ideal for operations that desire to utilize refrigerants offering lower GWP impacts.

Next generation refrigerant gases, such as R-32, R-448A, R-452A, R-513A (among other blends), are options to help lower GWP impacts for compressor systems today. CPI is ready to evaluate your unique technical requirements, and collaborate with your team to select the ideal lubricant match. We offer several series within the NXG product line to meet your needs.

Lowering the environmental impact of compressor system emissions by using refrigerants with lower GWP is an important step towards sustainability. CPI understands the complexity involved when transitioning between refrigerants. Our ability to evaluate your system lubrication needs, and partner with your technical team can make the process easier and help speed the transition.

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